Body Spectra body-painting competition in Cape Town, great fun.

4 Responses to Stage

  1. Moganie Gopalan says:

    Hi there, I have my daughter’s first birthday party on 6 August. Kids who will be present are aged between 3 – 7 years. I would like to have a magician for the party. Would this be possible?

    • Hi Moganie
      Thank you for your enquiry about your daughter’s birthday party, I would love to be involved.
      I have 2 rates to offer you: For a 45 minute show, with balloons for all the kids I normally charge R1000, and for a hour and a half, with stilts and then on the ground, also with balloons, more magic and a bit of fire, I charge R1300.
      Where is your party going to be?Knot the Juggler
      Looking forward to meeting you
      Craig Walters
      (Knot the Juggler)

  2. Megga Candy says:

    Hi there

    I’d like to find how much you would charge to do a corporate expo – juggling and magic, maybe stilts. It will be for 4/5 hours in September.


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